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Green tourism
Sustainable Tourism, Eco-tourism, Green Tourism. There are many labels, but whatever you prefer to call it, the intent remains the same: low impact, environmentally-friendly tourism that cherishes, not destroys. This is what we aim to achieve in Orhaniye. We support sustainable tourism that enables our guests to enjoy the beauty of Orhaniye whilst minimising the impact on the environment, through a number of low environmental impact activities. 

Local impact construction:
We have partnered with a local Turkish Architect Nurtan Onur, who has designed and built our villas with great care for the local environment. We mainly used local craftsmen from Orhaniye during the construction phase, thus supporting the local village economy. Most materials were sourced locally around the Bozburun Peninsula.

The villas are built to the highest construction standards, with exceptionally thick walls and extra insulation materials to reduce the requirement for air conditioning in the summer or heating in the winter. For example, in Villa Nurtan and Villa Lale, the walls consist of an inner shell of concrete with bricks and insulation, with an outer shell of 25cm thick solid stone.

In Villa Anni the bricks are laid width-way, faced with insulation in order to further increase the insulation. Hot water is entirely provided by solar energy, and in Villa Nurtan, buillt for all year living, we probably have the peninusula’s only lagged hot water tank!

Local support team:
All the team that look after you during your holiday in Orhaniye live locally and we further aim to contribute to the local village economy by buying supplies locally. Most of the furniture in the villas was made in Orhaniye’s workshops, also supporting local employment and the village economy.

Low impact operation:
We have drilled wells in Villa Nurtan (80 metres deep) and Villa Lale (85 metres deep) in order to minimise the impact on the local water supply. The swimming pool is mainly filled at the start of the season with natural spring water.

Green tourism

In each pool we have invested in a new 100% ecological pool cleaning system that completely avoids the need to use any chemicals in the pool, saving the use, distribution and chlorine pollution of this beautiful area.

These systems are far more expensive to buy and run than using Chlorine. However we are determined to stick to our values of sustainability so we will continue to invest in this technology for the benefit of our guests and the local environment.

We have invested in an industrial water management system in each villa to soften the hard village water into low pH soft water for the villa and pool. This means the washing machine and dish washer require less cleaning powder as well as giving our guests a better experience when showering, washing and swimming.

We have also installed a five stage reverse osmosis water filter in each villa to produce drinking water from the local village water supply. This avoids the need to purchase and the environmental impact of transporting heavy bottled water.

We have invested in the latest generation of solar powered hot water system in each villa. These new systems are far more efficient than the traditional ‘panel’ systems, so reducing water wastage.

We have been trying to source eco friendly products for cleaning and washing machines/dish washers, but until we can find a regular supplier we bring over as what we can from the U.K.

We aim to garden organically, we seek to recycle our garden waste, and we plant a variety of fruits and vegetables for our guests to enjoy. The shrubs are watered using a drip feed system with automatic electronic timers that operate at night, minimizing the amount of water used by the garden.

There are waste recycling facilities locally in Orhaniye Marina, which are available to our guests.

Website sustainability:
The dedicated web server that powers this website in the Internet is powered by 100% sustainable wind power and the computers that manage this site are powered by 100% sustainable solar power.


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